About Us

Mutiso Menezes International

Mutiso Menezes International (MMI) is one of the most influential architecture, project management and interior design firms in Kenya. Founded in 1974, we have successfully executed numerous projects across the East African region ranging from Commercial, Office, Institutional, Residential and Civic buildings. Key iconic buildings showcase our passion for excellence, innovation and commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for the built environment

MMI team led by 5 directors, brings together a group of professionals with excellent design and technical abilities gained in years of hands on experience. As a team, we provide architectural, project management and interior design services to our clients through collaboration and working from first principles.

Sound project management and contract administration ensures that our projects are properly handled in terms of Cost, Quality and Time. We are also experienced with the rigorous project management procedures as required by organizations such as the United Nations and other international agencies. MMI is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

MMI has extensive local knowledge in project requirements, site conditions and building construction especially having worked on the original United Nations Headquarters in Gigiri, Nairobi. MMI will be a key resource for empowering the team and improving on capacity building in this project.

Our Values

Mutiso Menezes International is characterised by values which include:-

  •  a passion for excellence
  • desire to seek new ideas and continuously improve
  • social consciousness and integrity
  • prompt response to our clients needs
  • team work and collaboration
  • empowerment and recognition of our people

Our Vision Statement

Our Mission is to efficiently provide innovative design solutions to the natural and built environment in collaboration with all stakeholders.

Our Vision

To become the leading firm of architects in Kenya, the African Region and beyond.

Quality Policy

Mutiso Menezes International is committed to providing high quality client-interactive architectural, planning and interior design services, aesthetically and functionally unique, cost-effective and environmentally friendly designs that satisfy the requirements, and go beyond the expectations of all our clients, through a practice that is founded on teamwork and the tenets of high professional ethics.

To achieve this we have implemented a quality management system based on ISO 9001:2000 with measurable objectives disseminated to all our staff, and reviewed periodically for continual improvement for the interest of all stakeholders.

Environmental Policy

Mutiso Menezes International is committed to upholding fundamental principles that minimize negative impact on the environment through sensitivity to design, conservation, rehabilitation, economical use of natural resources, and reverence for biodiversity.

As a mark of our commitment to society, we embrace specific objectives that minimize energy use, waste generation, pollution, and incorporate biodiversity and environmental concerns in planning and landscape decisions, meet and where possible exceed environmental standards and regulations.

What we do

Mutiso Menezes International is able to provide, at short notice any requisite additional capacity and expertise to offer a wide range of multi-disciplinary services in the following fields:-

  • Urban Planning
  • Land Use Planning
  • Environmental Impact Assessment on Designs
  • Feasibility and Pre-investment Studies
  • Preparation of Master Development Plans
  • Architectural Designs, Supervision and Management
  • Interior Designs, Supervision and Management
  • Restoration Works, Supervision and Management
  • Equipment Procurement.

The firm has a reputation for its professional integrity and the production of planning and design solutions of high quality, which are cherished and maintained in the interest of our clients and the Projects.


Mutiso Menezes International and its associates have undertaken projects not only  in Kenya but in other countries in Africa under the aegis of major bilateral and international aid agencies. 

The firm has been approved as a consultant for development projects by the following international and bilateral recognised agencies:-

  • United States Agency for International Development USAID
  • Commonwealth Development Corporation CDC
  • Canada International Development Agency  CIDA
  • African Development Bank ADB
  • Danish International Development Agency DANIDA
  • United Nations and its Agencies
  • The World Bank
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • European Union

Equipment, IT Readiness and Digital Status

The firm has kept in tandem with the dynamic trends of the development of IT and  is connected to the information super highway.

Computers used are equipped with different up-to-date CAD software as can be gleaned from the schedule below, to enhance the efficient production and transmission of project information in print, electronic and digital form.